Heinz Company

Dear Mr. John Patrick Dolan,

Thank you for attending our Heinz Consumer Products National Sales Meeting. Your in depth research of our company’s go-to-market strategy and negotiating tactic application proved to be insightful, relevant and thought provoking. Your energetic delivery of “Negotiate like the Pros” left our Sales Force asking for more. We will use this session as a stepping-stone for future training within the H.J. Heinz organization.

The following are comments from our Sales Force regarding the “Negotiate like the Pros” seminar.
• Really enjoyed the group involvement – learned how to use tactics, what to look for and evaluate.
• Very entertaining – will be useful.
• We should do it for other functions in the company.
• Very motivating. [John Patrick Dolan] has truly motivated me and helped me understand how I can interact with my customers, peers and boss.
• Very enthusiastic and engaging. Loved the breakout session – very fun.
• This helped with understanding how to identify peer and counterpart behavior style and how to work within their “frame of reference.”
• Very enjoyable and informative – would be nice to take longer course and see theories in practice.
• Presenter was engaging and entertaining.
• Terrific and very usable.
• Kept the audience engaged the entire session.
• Great presentation style, very simple to understand and apply.
• I thought that John Patrick Dolan did a great job to get the crowd involved. It is hard to do for 4+ hours.
• Very educational, informative and applicable.
• Best training session in years!
• Applicable in all aspects of our lives.
• Thanks for making it fun and germane to our industry!
• Best part of the meeting so far!
• Very good analysis of personality types.
• Very educational. Content and subject matter was delivered in a very useful manner. One of the best development programs ever attended.
• Educational, fun and never any down time.

As you can see, your presentation was well received. Thank you again for a first rate, engaging program.


Gregg Newcombe
Group Vice President
Heinz Consumer Products


Tyco Thermal Controls

Gary Mausner Tyco Thermal Controls
V.P. Americas Sales 7433 Harwin Drive
[email protected] Houston, TX 77036

Tele: 713-865-9749
Fax: 713-735-9749

Dear John Patrick Dolan,

On Behalf of Tyco Thermal Controls, I’d like to thank you again for your dynamic program, Negotiate like the Pros™, during our Americas Sales Meeting last month.

Not only did you teach useful and practical techniques, you also illustrated why and when these strategies work. Your delightfully entertaining presentation style made the multi-hour session enjoyable.

As you know, I was slightly concerned considering the fact that you presented this session to about 30 percent of our group three years ago. I can confidently say that the entire group, even those who had been through the program previously, walked away from the session with valuable new tools and negotiating skills.

Thanks again for your contributions towards our meeting!


Gary D. Mausner
VP, Americas Sales
Tyco Thermal Controls


American Bar Association

Dear John Patrick Dolan:

This letter is way overdue because of travel and a host of internal distractions, but I do want to stress how pleased I was by your seminar for the ABA managers. I have heard nothing but the highest praise both for your content and your presentation. That is a first for us. In the past, you could always count on some—often a majority—grousing about what a waste of time the session was. In your case, I have had virtually everyone go out of their way to call and tell me how much they enjoyed and profited from your negotiation training. In fact, three of those who couldn’t attend because of schedule conflicts told me how sorry they were to have missed your seminar because they had heard from so many others about how well it was done.

All of which is to say, in the words of Mary Cavallini, “That’s the best program we have ever had at these meetings.”
When I talked to your wife, she asked that I include a statement that you could use for promotional purposes. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I offer the following:

“Having sat through so many useless business-help programs to the point of becoming somewhat jaded, I was surprised and gratified at how much I gained from Negotiating Like the Pros. And I had fun in the process. You can’t ask for more than that.”

I do so very much appreciate getting to know you, John Patrick Dolan, and I am a genuine admirer of your ability to communicate. I hope we stay in touch and maybe get to work together on some future venture.

Until such time, please accept my…

Warmest Regards,

Gary A. Hengstler
Editor and Publisher


Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Dear John Patrick Dolan:

On behalf of the Amateur Scouts, I would like to thank you for taking some time to spend with us during our Organizational Meetings in Florida last week.

Our staff was very interested in your presentation, and appreciated your relating the negotiating process to baseball. They were impressed with your style and presence, and the attention which you showed during your stay made a significant impact.

Enclosed is the information which you requested. Please give me a call if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Once again, we appreciate your sharing your knowledge and experience.


Tim C. Hallgren
Director of Scouting.
EXECUTIVE OFFICES: (817) 273-5222 * TICKET OFFICE: (METRO) (273) 5100


Internal Revenue Service

Regional Director of Appeals
Internal Revenue Service
Regional Director of Appeals—Southeast Region
401 West Peachtree Street, Suite 21 1B
Stop 170-R
Atlanta, Georgia 30365

Dear Mr.  John Patrick Dolan:

I want to extend my appreciation and personal thanks to you for accepting our request to speak at our Continuing Professional Education meeting in Jacksonville, Florida on June 28. I understand that you were in Washington, DC, that week and fit us into your schedule. Thank you for accommodating us.

Excellent speaker—very motivating. Would hate to have to negotiate with him!

Outstanding presentation—very timely and applicable to what we do.

Super presentation of valuable information.

Sensational session.

Very exciting and enthusiastic One of the best speakers we have had at CPE.

From my viewpoint and the feedback I received, this year’s CPE was highly successful. A great deal of the credit goes to guest speakers such as yourself.

It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for being with us.


Richard E. Foley
Regional Director of Appeals


United Alloys Steel Corp.

John Patrick Dolan:

How can I begin to adequately assess the events of last Wednesday night and Thursday? Well, here we go…
First of all, the formal program met with resounding success. The feedback from all in attendance, both written and verbal, has been superlative. Some even suggested that it was better than any other YPO chapter event they had ever attended. For my money, you were well prepared, humorous, and attentive; the “take home” value exceeded all expectations!

Additionally, it was a treat to spend some time with you away from the scheduled presentation. Your insight into my company’s current problem was creative and intuitive, yet logical and practical. Thanks for the input; I hope to follow up with a positive report later this week!!

With the minor exception of navigating out of Stonewood Ponds at 5:15 am on Friday after less than four hours of sleep (by the way, thanks for the aspirin on the counter!), the opportunity to host our YPO Empire Chapter meeting was a pleasure. Jode and I enjoyed every aspect of the experience, but especially meeting and getting to know you!

Thanks for your efforts and enthusiastic participation.


Peter A. Linder


International Music Products Association

Dear John Patrick Dolan ,

Thank you so much for speaking at the 1998 NAMM International Music Market. As you may already know, the show was NAMM’s largest ever, with 1,198 exhibitors and 63,160 attendees. And it was also the largest show ever held at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

With 50 educational programs, it was quite an operation, as well as a challenge, to coordinate all these sessions and speakers. And that’s all the more reason why I appreciate all you did to help make this our best show ever! We work with many, many speakers throughout the year and we truly appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail. It’s been a pleasure having you at three NAMM Shows now. Please let me know if I can ever be a reference for you or help in any way. I’d welcome the opportunity.

Your sessions were very well received and were great additions to our program. So thank you again for a great job and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Randy Beck
Director of Professional Development

International Music Products Association™
5790 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone 760.438.8001
Fax 760.438.7327
email: [email protected]


County of Santa Barbara

John Patrick Dolan
Three Point Drive Brea,
CA 928213651

Dear Mr.John Patrick Dolan:

I am writing on behalf of the Santa Barbara County Executive Association to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding seminar Negotiate Like the Pros that you presented to our management team last month. Life at work as well as at home seems to involve ongoing negotiations—with our bosses, our peers, our spouses and our kids. Judging from the enthusiastic feedback I have been receiving from the seminar attendees, they have taken their new negotiating skills and techniques and utilized them on a regular basis (and having fun while doing so).

Once again, thank you from all 120 of us who attended the seminar which, by all measures, has been the most effective training session we have received in the seven years I have been at the County.

Very truly yours,

Gary A. Hengstler
Editor and Publisher

Thanks again for your contributions towards our meeting!

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